Vashi and Belapur station to go through a revamp worth Rs.90 crore

It’s good news for Belapur and Vashi residents. Travelling is going to get easy as CIDCO has decided to finally start restoration work on the stations after a delay of five years since the structural audits of the Vashi and Belapur railway stations in 2012.  The revamp process will cost 100 crores, 46 crores for the first phase.

According to reports, there has been a gradual declining strength because of the corrosion caused due to environmental factors. Though CIDCO has already offered the money, the board has yet to make a decision.

A CIDCO official said “As there was broad consensus in the last board meeting, the approval was a mere formality. The dry months before the onset of the monsoon are valuable for work to begin and pace up.”

As for any mishaps and tragedies, there was a fire on the second floor of Vashi station recently, and the Belapur complex has reported at least 10 instances of ceiling collapses in the last couple of years.

With a cost-sharing ration of 67:33, CIDCO has paired up with CR to provide connectivity to Navi Mumbai. Though Navi Mumbai has been existent for more than 3 decades, Vashi station got commissioning in the early 1990s. CIDCO and CR engaged in many conversations for over two years regarding the maintenance. This lead to the possibility of the CR taking up not only the area’s maintenance but also taking up the work required to fix the pillars and beams. Both the parties made joint visits to assess the damage that required repair.

CIDCO did not want to lose the highly valuable buildings, while CR contended it was also a major stakeholder in developing the city by laying the railway network and operating the trains.

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