The Ultimate Buffet Experience

You know what’s one of the best things in the world? Finding the world’s two favourite things at one place: Food and Fun! And getting to enjoying an unlimited amount of them? It is just golden.

Stepping into Village – The soul of India was exactly that: Golden. Let’s talk about the interiors first. As the name suggests, this restaurant gives you that cozy Indian village feeling with the walls designed that earthen way to mimic the real interiors of a village home. There’s nary a touch of modernity to the furniture. If you have ever been to dhaba, then at first glance, the furniture will without any doubt appease you. The wooden and wiry cots, and the chairs made of somewhat the same material, you’ll definitely get a good taste of rural India.

Oh, if there were such a thing as a Bollywood university, this restaurant’s interiors would have aced. It would be the top student. Movie buff or not, you’ll for sure recognize the dialogues sprawled on the walls. The funny depictions of many Bollywood celebrities will just put a smile on your face.

Let me tell you right now itself, this restaurant isn’t your typical ‘sit somewhere in a table and chair, eat your meal, pay your bill and be on your way’ kinda eatery. Nay. Here, you’ll not only be greeted with amazing food, but you’ll be immersed in so much fun. You will find in the form of ‘unlimited masti’ dances like garbha, bhanghra, lazims, fun activities and games like tattoo art and pottery and Kacchi Ghodi and so much more. In the end, you’ll not bid adieu to this place with only a full tummy, but with smiles plastered on your faces, and the memory of one your perfect meals forever etched in your head.

The food is for real, sumptuous. If you are going to eat here, your appetite better be prepared, because eating a great spread of multiple cuisines is so much fun when you’re mad hungry. It’s indeed all you can eat! Punjabi, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, Chinese, veg, non-veg, street food. We actually had a cart brought to us that served chaat. Also, we were served hot pooris straight out of the khadhai.

And of course, the most awaited, the most anticipated, the most loved, and the best course of any meal: The dessert. The desserts are always served in this jail, for some crazy reason, but hey, ain’t no complaints here! I’ll take desserts whenever and wherever served. Your sweet tooth would be torn because that’s how many options there always are. When we were here, we enjoyed a good helping of gulab jamun and jalebis.

Speaking of always, this great food-fun duo takes place here every evening. So, there is no possibility for you to miss it. Wanna unwind with some great food and some crazy dance? Find the address below.


1st Floor, Raghuleela Mall, Opposite Vashi Railway Station, Sector 30, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Opening hours:

12:30PM to 3:30PM, 7PM to 11PM

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