Wakey, wakey tiny tots, ready for your very first day of school?

In our lives, we have had many first days of school. But, ah, the very first day of school. The very first step toward learning, making friends, making a fool out of yourself, being awkward and just enjoying that moment of becoming a student for the very first time (cue for the warm fuzzy nostalgia to spread all over us). If I had to crunch this sentence in to one word, ‘excitement’ is it.

On this note, dear young parents of Navi Mumbai, I’m bringing to you some of the most preferred nursery schools and preschools from all over the city at your disposal so you can begin prepping your tiny munchkins for this roller coaster of a journey that is, learning. So, pull up those socks, buckle the belt and straighten that tie and here we go!

Apeejay School, Nerul

I went here! I started from 6th grade onwards and I can 100% vouch for the teaching skills. This school provides education from pre-primary onwards. While the KG students share the same wing with the rest of the grades with their classrooms being on the ground floor, the nursery section has a separate wing which is oh so adorable with crafty decorations.

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DH International School, Kharghar

This school is said to be one of the premium preschools in Kharghar, so that’s a good start. As for the campus, along with teaching, there are many other activities like sand play, water play, outdoor toys. Doesn’t it just sound like fun education?

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Podar Jumbo Kids

Guess what their goal is? Providing your children with ‘Kiducation’. That’s right. This fun play of words is more than just that. It’s backed up with solid teaching skills. Kiducation is claimed to be education from a kid’s point of view. There are three elements that are integral parts of this terminology, which are:

  1. Hand, Head, and Heart (Hand-Stimulation, Head-Thinking, Heart-Nurturing).

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Little millennium, Nerul

Part of Educomp Solutions Ltd. which is India’s largest education company, Little Millennium is a school that has won so many parents’ hearts. Along with structured learning, the core value is in brilliant teaching. The curriculum is perfect for kids between the ages 2-6.

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From past experiences, we all know this by now, that your kids’ first day need not be perfect and to the point. Little glitches here and there is okay and normal. Before them lies the rest of the journey with plethora of opportunities. So, parents of the cuties, let this fun journey be unveiled to the kids and get ready to see them crawl, walk, fall, get back up and eventually, fly.

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