Want to know how Starbucks Coffee is made?

Friday was a special day for all coffee lovers at Netbiz. Why? Because the manager of Starbucks Inorbit mall,Vashi was very generous and kind enough to come over to the office and give the people one of the most aromatic and delicious session on how the perfect cup of Starbucks coffee is made. Soooo Millennial-y, right?


And the best part.. Oh, the best part.. is when they handed out samples of the freshly brewed coffee and some cake to balance out the bitterness(although, true coffee lovers don’t need no balancing. We all about the bitter coffeelicious life, but who can say no to cake?)

It’s like Starbucks heaven graced its presense in the humble premises of Netbiz.

So here are some takeaways from the session.

    • The method that’s used widely accross india is the French press method. It’s a process where the coffee grounds and hot water are added to the press. Then it’s given a good 4 minutes, the perfect amount of time for the flavor to completely infuse in to the hot water. When the four minutes are up, the coffee grounds are pressed firmly against the bottom of the press with a plunger. Once that is done, voila! The water has now become rich coffee that can be sipped on its own or be paired with other ingredients to make different kinds of coffee.
    • Other than the french press method, there’s a German method of brewing coffee. It is known as the Pour over method. This method is officially known as the coffee filter method. Melitta Bentz, a German housewife who enjoyed coffee invented coffee filter papers. While enjoying a cup of coffee, the enjoyment would always be shortlived because coffee residues would always hinder between her palate the coffee. Hence, came into the existence the very useful coffee filter paper which was used to filter the coffee grounds from the coffee liquid. It soon became successful business. And the rest, is history.
    • The Kenyan coffee sold by Starbucks has an Elephant on its packaging which means that Starbucks is very keen on preserving species that are endangered.

  • The berries from which coffee is derived, are grown under bigger trees, so that sunlight, rain, or whether effects the growth deliberately, since the berries are delicate and don”t grow well under the harshness of the whether. The plus point is that by panting so many trees that protects the coffee berries, Starbucks succeeds in reaching their goal which is promote bio-diversity.
  • This is most useful information that you can use. There are 4 four steps you ought to keep in mind while you drink your next cup of coffe(unless of course, if you’re to sleepy to care and just need a caffeine boost).
  1. Smell the coffee to detect the richness of it.
  2. Slurp your first sip. Or maybe, all of the sips. The science behind slurping is that when you slurp, yopu take in oxygen which prevent your tongue from getting burnt. And, when you slurp, the flavor of the coffee reaches your palate more efficiently.
  3. Locate the coffee on your palate. If the coffee hits the tip of your fisrt, then the coffee is mild. If it hits the middle section of the palate, it’s medium. If it hits the end of the palate, then you must be crazy tired because the coffee you’re drinking strong and bitter.
  4. Another useful piece of information. You can actually visit a Starbucks near you and they will give you a free coffee tasting session. No money required people. It’s free. You can aslo bring your folks along!

Mahn, seriously, what is life without Coffee? Amiss.Amiss it is.

Remember guys, Smell, Slurp, Locate and Describe.

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