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Want to be more productive at work? Practice these tricks until you get perfect.

Want more? Do less. Simple tricks for better days.

We all want to do more and we all wish we had more time. But guess what? If you had more time you really wouldn’t be doing more. You’d be procrastinating more. However, if you really do want to be more productive, here are some simple tricks to get more from your day.

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  1. Make your bed

Making your bed the first thing in the morning sets the momentum on a high. A simple task, the moment you do it and see a clean bed, you get a sense of instant gratification. This sets the ball rolling for the rest of the day to make you more productive.

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  1. Take 5

Do you look at your phone the moment you wake up? Wait, don’t answer. We already know. Take 5 minutes every day when you wake to meditate. Now meditating doesn’t mean you need to chant and think nothing. Just sit up, count your breaths, repeat it for 5 minutes. Focus. It’s just 5 minutes. And then a whole day of being more productive.

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  1. Start with the toughest task

You are your best version in the morning hours of the day. So, use these hours for the big projects. Keep the daily jobs for later, start your morning with tasks that can use a fresh mind. This is you telling your mind to be more productive.

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  1. Don’t say yes

Often, we tend to say yes to every request that comes our way. If you do this, you will end up with lesser time for things you are meant to give 100%. So, as much as you want to help. Hold that though. Check your tasks and see if you can accommodate it in your schedule realistically. Be more productive, don’t be a machine.

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  1. Write down your tasks/thoughts

Write. Write. Write. What writing does is it converts your thoughts that only exist in your mind into things that exist in the real world. This gets you doing more and utilizing your time in the best manner possible. Also, the best ideas are fleeting thoughts, so writing it down is the best shot at documenting it.

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  1. End your day on a high

As the day comes to an end, all of us literally pour ourselves into our beds after checking our phones. Stop. Take out a piece of paper and write down 5 things you did right in the day. Commending yourself on tasks done well makes you want to look forward to the next day and gives you a peaceful night. See how you get more productive each day with these hacks.


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