Want to laugh?

Who doesn’t like laughing? There are different kinds of laughs. Funny joke laughs, non-veg joke laughs, laughing till tears well up eyes, laughing at situation where you know you’re screwed, inside jokes laugh, fake laugh when a terrible joke is cracked, awkward laughs to fill awkward laughs, gigglely laughs, roaring laughs, laughs that make you laugh…. Laugh laugh laugh. So, when you’re laugh so much in your life, why not take some time and laugh some to these relatable videos by Captain Nick? Laugh away!

1.  Seriously, I think every mom is a lifeline. Like, sometimes she makes you go Princess Diana who?


2.  This expectations v/s. reality that finally gives a human voice to what you would really want to say to (insert adjective) relatives.


3.  A very unique twist to what’s in my bag


4.Let’s admit it, we all have that friend


5.  The ordeal of different kind of drivers

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