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Watch This Illustrator Draw These Kid’s Fears

It’s an established true fact that as kids, we all have asked our parents or siblings to accompany us to the bathroom in the dark because duh?! what if monsters just suddenly emerge from behind us and grab as shove in some demon hole that can never be found or be fried like fritters or get horns? The dark wasn’t the only one that scared us. There were many things that made it to scary list.Scared of the fact that monsters lurked under our beds, of spiders, roaches, green veggies (think talking and walking broccolis from Power puff girls). I mean, we as kids thought that nothing could get scarier. Buuut, yup. Nope. More things kept making to the list: homework, assignments, grades, talking to crush, weird brain, results, …………………. work, pay, tax, not knowing entirely what tax is, weird brain, mortgage, not knowing entirely what mortgage is. Death looks appealing right about now.

But thank god for these kids that they’re still kids and still have monumental amounts of innocence and goofiness in them. And of course, fears. These kids too are scared of things. Want to know what they are? Well, watch these cute little kids explain to an illustrator what they’re scared of and see the hilarious results.


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