Water Bowls set up for Birds by Nature Lovers

Summer is at its harshest in Mumbai with mercury level rising to 41-42 degree Celsius. Caring for other species’ needs, nature lovers put up water bowls across the city for birds to help them get through the scorching heat of summer.  These water bowls have been strategically put p like in open spaces, gardens, tree belts and recreational hubs that birds can find refuge in when injured.

Nature and bird lovers of the city are committed to making living conditions better for birds, especially through this time of the year when the temperature is soaring. They have also requested fellow citizens to lend helping hands so that the birds to struggle or suffer to find water.

“We are doing our bit by putting up nests on the trees and providing water bowls and feeder pots. The thirsty birds should get some solace from the extreme summer heat. The days are getting hotter and the birds need ample water to survive,” said Raghunath Jadhav, a Kharghar resident and animal lover.

Many residents are collecting plastic water bottles from the litter to cut them into two and fill water to hang on the tree branches.

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Residents of sector 6 Vashi have installed 25 bird nests, 25 feeders and a good number of natural water bowls for birds in the tree belt area.  The residents are thriving to make their area bird-friendly. They’ll provide constant care by filling up the bowls when required and provide food too. Local corporator Divya Gaikwad said, “We have approached local residents to provide more water bowls along the tree belt near NMSA in Vashi.”

Many of the residents and bird lovers are making nest made of bamboo, coconut shells, hard cardboard, etc. so it can benefit the common house sparrows whose preservation is essential for the natural biodiversity.

This initiative has made it really easy on many bird species, especially in Parsik hill. Flocks of bulbuls, mynas, golden Orioles have come to enjoy the green foliage and drink from water bowls fixed by bird lovers.

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