Water trouble for Uran citizens

The residents of Uran will face a 48-hour water cut every week till the beginning of monsoon season, starting from 3rd April. The reason for this water issue is because of the diminishing water levels of the Ransai dam.

MIDC is devising a strategy that’ll help stretch the supply from the Ransai dam up till monsoon that’ll require only a 2-day shutdown rather the current cut down every Friday for maintenance purpose.

Citizens of Uran will have no water on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is equivalent of 20% – 25% water cut for UMC (Uran Municipal Council) area besides 22gram panchayats and industries among other bulk consumers.

The residents are already vexed about the enforcement of water cut. Local resident and activist, Santosh Pawar said, “We have been suffering weekly water cut on Friday under the guise of maintenance and now, MIDC has implemented water cut on Tuesday,”

“Authorities should first plan to provide basic amenities like water and power before preparing the blueprint of mega projects like Navi Mumbai airport and Naina for rapid urbanization,” he added.

There will be two phases to the 48 – hour water cut every week that will affect nearly a lakh of residents as they depend on the Ransai dam for water supply. Like mentioned before, the damn has witnessed a lower water level this year. The water level this year is lower than it was last year.

It has been years since there has been desilting done at the Ransai dam to restore it o it full capacity.

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