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Water Wastage due to NMMC’s Main Pipeline Damage

Water that could have been used for household purposes has been going to waste for the last few days.

Conserve Water, Conserve Life’, ‘Water is Precious’, ‘Save Water’ and so much more, they say, to prevent the wastage of water. But, what happens when it is being ignored for a long time by the authorities? Same is happening in your very own Navi Mumbai. Lately, a lot of water is going down the drain due to a burst in the main pipeline to Navi Mumbai. The supply line beginning from Morbe dam to NMMC areas got damaged a few days ago below the under-construction Metro line along Belapur – Belpada service road near Bharati Vidyapeeth in Kharghar.

The residents of the area have been constantly complaining about the polluted drinking water, but their pleas are persistently going to vain.

Moreover, thousands of litres of water has also been going to waste in Rabale MIDC for the past 2 days, due to the dislodging of a sub-pipe from the main line.

Since there are leakages at two strategic spots on the main supply line, it is leading to low water pressure at locale’s households. Despite the constant inconvenience faced by the people, the authorities seem clueless to find an immediate solution to this problem.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) had fixed a pipe burst in Belapur-Belpada in March this year. A resident of Belapada, Amrit Patil said, “Another burst has happened at the same place and it’s been a fortnight that thousands of litres of drinking water has been getting wasted daily although we are being deprived of adequate supply. How can the agencies be so irresponsible about wastage of precious resources.”

Although, NMMC executive engineer (water supply), Manohar Sonaware said that there is a surveillance squad, which continuously monitors any problem in the supply line, but no damage or leakage has been reported here.

However, the ground reality is that that the motorists are facing problems because of the waterlogging near in this area.

A Rabale MIDC official stated that some local miscreants have reportedly tampered a joint valve. He said, “The locals seem to have broken the valve under the cover of darkness to get unlimited supply of water round the clock. We will fix the valve soon”.

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