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Ways To Get Your Kids To Help And Clean Up Around The House!

We all want our kids to help us around with the daily chores at home. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds, the older the kids the more difficult it gets to put them to work. In today scenario, it is of utmost importance that we forget the mollycoddling and teach our kiddos to be independent and manage on their own. Here are a few tips how to get your kids help around the house:

Just State. Don’t Ask:

Set clear expectations instead of requesting them. “can you clean up, please?” is much more likely to go unheard or fetch an answer as ”No” instead of “It’s time to clean up, please.” In case they say no you can always make them clear that it was an expectation and not a request.

Make it exciting:

All that kids want to do is play a game all the time. Make it exciting and challenging enough that they aren’t able to refuse it. Go.Go.Go Stop. Beat the timer or Beat your bro/Sis/Mom/Dad can be highly motivating.

Set an example:

Kids learn through examples mostly and not through just telling them to do certain things. Putting away all the toys can be a little overwhelming for young kids. If you participate it looks more doable than it actually is. The best solution to the answer “no”

Find ways to say Yes:

If the tasks seem age-inappropriate, find different things the kids can do to nurture their desire to help. For example, if they cant cook ask them to lay a table or help you with putting away folded laundry. This helps to create a sense of responsibility.

Picture chore charts:

Well, daily chores can be very monotonous for us adults forget the younger kids. It’s always fun to make it more interesting by creating a chart for daily chores with pictures. This gets them going and does not even feel like work.

Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

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