How A weighing scale man taught me Self Respect?

“You are stronger than you think you are! All you need is to discover your mental strength to overcome your fears.”

A normal bright sunny morning embracing Navi Mumbai in the aftermath of Diwali festivities. It rarely happens that a random day of the year or a stranger puts such a strong impact on your being, that you start pondering about the meaning of your own life and you tend to forget about your worries.

Walking past a common spot in Vashi (station) happened to be one such unusual day for me and my cousin Vicky. It was something peculiar about a man sitting on a sidewalk with his weighing machine, which caught our attention. That’s when Vicky nudged me with his elbow…. “let’s check out our weight”, followed by an obvious reason to try out something random by saying “it’s only Rs 2”.

It kind of felt weird to try out doing such an irrelevant thing for no good reason, making it obvious how bored we were and had nothing better to do. But I anyways okayed the thought. As we got closer, we realized he was deaf & mute. My heart pounded a bit at the very site of this man, who was smiling as if it was yet another pleasant day for him.

After we were done with checking our weight, Vicky handed him 10 bucks out of his pocket and asked him to keep the change. But to our surprise, he refrained from taking the money and demanded us to take back the change. We insisted him to keep the money, but he was reluctant and threw it at our feet! We were obviously taken aback by his reaction and before we could think of anything else, people around him updated us by saying, “he doesn’t like to take money like that or be treated with sympathy. He doesn’t beg but works to earn money.”

The man nodded with a smile. It swung us in a vortex of realization of how true his soul was… Even though he was physically challenged and weak, it did not make him helpless! Rather he was stronger than most of us, who bury ourselves so deep in our worries and materialistic aspirations, that we forget to appreciate and be grateful for the things that we already have!

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