What is Mukbang?

Below You tube channels help you to understand more about Mukbang

Mukbang pronounced as Muek-bang is a term that originates from Korea. The word Mukbang is a mishmash of two words that are eating(MEOKneun), and broadcasting (Bansong). This concept mostly originated in South Korea, where a lot of people tuned into this online audio-visual show where people recorded themselves eating large plates of food while communicating with the audience.

This concept took the internet by storm in 2010, and this trend got so popular that there many youtube channels dedicated to this concept. You know how they’re beauty videos, where beauty gurus/influencers do makeup, talk about makeup and skincare(Like Jacklyn Hill, Nikkie Tutorials, GlamLifeGuru), how there are comedy videos, where comedians make funny videos(Like SuperWoman, Liza Koshy, Shane), how there are lifestyle videos where people share videos ranging beauty, decor, to sometimes funny videos(Like AlishaMarie, Nikki and Gabi, Bethany Mota)?????

Just like that, there are Mukbang videos where people record themselves eating a lot of food while they talk to you about random things.

So, if you wanna know more about Mukbang, tune into some of these channels and you can get a better understanding of what it really is.

1. Divine Munchies

2. Keemi

3. Matt stonie

4. Mommy Tang

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