Want to be waffley betrothed to waffles?

The gradual process of waffles turning from breakfast to dessert to just a dish that can be enjoyed at time of any day is just the best one. It is without an iota of doubt I can say that one of the best ways to derive sweet, sugary pleasure is waffles.

You know what makes it better? Having one of the best waffle outlets, Whatta Waffle, be situated in proximity just so you can enjoy the fluffy, floury, and sugary love as and when you please.

Stepping into this eatery, we knew right away that we were in for a mighty and hearty sugar rush. Gone are the days when waffles were only served in a standard and traditional fashion, sprinkled sugar and drizzled syrup. But, waffles will always be waffles, hence there is no denying that the classic and traditional style waffle will always be relished and cherished

But, what I’m really blown away with, is the UPgrade in the way waffles are served nowadays served.  The various ways in which waffles are presented to you.  It’s truly amazing how at first waffles only found true accompaniment in only sugar and syrup. And now, there’s a wide selection of toppings, from chocolate sauce, whipped cream to gems and cookies!!!!

After tasting the different kinds of waffles at Whatta Waffle, I can say that they did absolute justice. It’s not only the waffles, but the fun quotient about the eatery adds to the uniqueness. A wall full of post-its that has customers’  writings sprawled on. Playing a game or two of chess, ludo and, uno whilst stuffing your face with what you ordered. Definitely, a place for when you want a much-needed hangout session, or just tend to those sugar cravings.

Here’s what we had:

1. Dark and White Belgian style waffle

belgian waffle


2. Brownie Swiss Choco Almond Puffle



 3. Blueberry Cheesecake Waffwich


 4. Schezwan Paneer Pizza




5. Choco Fudge Brownie Shake



6. Assorted Mini Pancakes












So, if you want to be waffley betrothed to waffles, you know where to be! Hey, it’s completely okay. The other foods don’t have to know. I mean look at this image below with all the post-its filled with customers’ approvals. They haven’t told other foods either.

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