Where is India’s Tallest Flag?

Nothing feels prouder than watching the tricolor swirl with the winds. But have you ever thought about where the tallest tricolor stand in India? The place is nowhere else, but our own Navi Mumbai!
The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s building boasts of India’s tallest flag. It is poised to stand at a height of 225 feet and was inaugurated in 2014. One can see the beauty of this marvelous tricolor from the streets near the corporation office.

The pole is a part of the new civic headquarters, which took 5 years to be complete. Meant to evoke patriotism in everyone who stands on the streets to click a quick picture with the flag, the municipality has taken utmost care that the speed of the wind doesn’t hamper the quality of the material of the flag or cause any other disturbance.

Navi Mumbai was the first to erect such an altitudinous. However, there were updates later that other places in the country have also made efforts to create a high-reaching flag, but yes, Navi Mumbai owns the credit to be the first!

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