Whisper confessions that’ll make you go “Thank god I’m not the only weird one”.

Confessions are never easy. Sometimes it feels like one must be braver than a soldier to muster all that courage to confess something, to let out a secret cooped up in one’s self for so long. On the brighter side, it’s like a heavy burden being lifted off your shoulders. Well, It could get bad too, like endless taunts and mockeries that you won’t be able to live down for the rest of your eternity, but again, that depends on what you confess.

Whisper is a confession app that is used by n number of people to voice out anonymous confessions, which means that secrets will out in the open without the identity of the person being revealed. Taking advantage of this, many, like many people made confessions. If you want, even you can use this app if you don’t seem to confide in humans.

Now, for the part that’ll give you relief in the fact that you’re not the only one who feels weird, like you’re a misfit, or like you’re… you know, not normal.




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