Who let the dogs turn blue?

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The city’s got the blues. If you zoom in a little more in the city, you’ll see that it’s because the dogs’ have gotten the blues. Literally. And the part that makes this more intriguing is that, holy festival is long gone.

Get your cringe expressions on guys because the reason is exactly that. It’s cringeworthy. Sources claim that for a while now, dogs are often found by the Kasadi river scavenging, and the whole time the river was polluted with industrial waste that had been discharged by industrial units in Taloja due to which the dogs of this region have blue fur.

Isn’t is irksome how the stray dogs and the Kasadi river are suffering because of the negligence of the industrial units in Taloja?

On Thursday, a complaint was filed against the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) by the Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell. It was mentioned in the complaint how stray dogs’ fur had turned blue due to the toxic waste discharge by the industrial units.

Upon investigation by the MPCB on Friday, it was revealed that a private company was using blue dye for purpouses such as making detergent. Though due to heavy showers the colour washed away from dogs’ fur, the company was still warned to not to let any animals in their premises and to clear the pollutants ASAP or else they’ll be issued a notice.

I’m pretty sure after reading this (and me writing this) we have definitely gone from being blue due to this upsetting debacle to green with sickness and repugnance.

Anyhow, the industrial units not only in Navi Mumbai but in the whole country must be careful to not to pollute the environment or else their ways of working will be amiss.



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