Windows 7 is the most popular OS among gamers

According to gaming website Steam’s October Hardware and Software survey, though windows 10 has been Steam’s preferred OS for sometime now, Windows7 has made a comeback thanks to all the avid gamers out there. That’s right, The OG the window 7 gained 22.45% more users while Trending windows 10 lost 18% users.

Windows 7 still is one of the popular and most used OS due the large enterprises users. (like, I’m literally using windows 7). So if windows 10 is still used by gamers,why the sudden change? It’s because of the immense popularity of Player’sUnknown’s Battle Royale in China and the number of Windows7 users in the country.

The language stats in Steam’s survey show that the number of Simplified Chinese users increased from 27% to 56.37% in the month of October. The same month saw a drop of English users from 13.4% to 21.24%.

Some people still have their suspicions about Windows10 when it comes to spying on users , even though Microsoft inrtoduced privacy enhancements for the OS since its release.The OS is banne from Chinese government systems.

With 13 copies of Battleground sold worldwide, it’s no surprise for the Steam survey to experience such influence. Even though the game is popular in China, many players din’t hold back from sharing their reviews, mainly regarding the in-ads that were introduced.

Steam is positive that Windows10 ,can comeback to the top position, especially if China bans Battlegrounds due to the violence and design of the game that somewhat goes against the values and norms of Chinese culture.

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