World Television Day 2017: How TV Still Brings My Family Together?

Because TV Give Me My Family Moments

 From black and white, to coloured pixelate; from digital to smart sets; TV as a persona has changed a lot and at the same time, has lost a lot, too. Especially with youngsters and kids entangled in tech mesh, no doubt TV has lapsed into avoidance.

Well, to be honest, I’ve myself lost that connect with TV. All thanks to online streaming. However, there are days and times when I manage to pull myself out of my TV withdrawal. And I would certainly like to share those TV moments here.

First being the match day, when I’ve my dad and brother hooked to every single ball that is bowled, given its Sunday. What a day to have! Like seriously. Commenting together on missed catches and inattentive mis-fields, like we would have nailed, if we were to play. He!He! Plus, mom’s supply of munchies in between – a family-perfect emotion.

Second being mom’s shittier-than-shit serials which, I swear, validates the Egyptians’ theory of ‘life after death’. Because, I’ve seen characters back to their life even after the death. Oops! Deaths. But then there’s nothing you can do about those torturous minutes of dining when food comes free with visuals of colored shit. Poor me and my dad! Sssshh…But here’s a secret, we sometimes do enjoy the melodrama of sentimental bursts inside and outside the TV box. Yes, my mom’s cries. And yes, I laugh. I do. I’m sure there are many out there, who share the same moment. High five folks!

Third being my grandmother forcing me to sit beside her and lend an ear to some over-preachy nonsense by her favourite most saint. And then the moment of me countering his far-fetched philosophies and her getting despairingly teased. That’s certainly a sweet tiff I love indulging myself into.

Whatever! That has been and will always be the best part about TV, that is, bringing family members closer through a dash of drama. No matter the consistently changing generations of TV sets, from 12-inch screen to 110-inch Ultra HDTV, the magic of TV will always continue to bring the varied generations of family together.

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