Writer’s block

Probably the most ironic article I’ve ever written. You can open your dictionaries, dictionary apps, or best, google the meaning of writer’s block. But, here’s my take on what it is.

To sum it up one one word …

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To sum it up in one gif











To sum it up in one action













To sum it up in one expression








After taking a look at my tracker app, it’s safe to say that my track record isn’t very impressive. As per promised, I was supposed to only take 2 hours to write one article, but it’s been 4 minutes past 2 hour and I’m still struggling to complete this article. Dammit, Fix you by Coldplay just finished playing and i’m wondering what is playing next. Today’s gonna be the day the day  something something just started playing.

The 1.30 hrs of research has given me no idea, has led me nowhere, and has just given nutrition to the frustration in my head that is now growing. Ummmm. Yeah. No. Gotta still keep writing as the word count stands at 179 words.(Had to type in the word ‘word’ first just so I could get the number right). And now this article (which is most probably going to be taken down) consists of 210 words.

Only… 88….more…words..to…go

Oh, my futile attempt at filling this article with 88 more words.

My deepest apologies to everyone who clicks on this article with curiosity or somehow accidentally. I’m positive to a good extent that you will bounce off this article even before reaching this line. If you have, then

But this is the solid truth. This is how at least I feel when I suffer from writer’s block. Instead of constructive topics, Random things decide to take their places and go for a roller coaster ride at least a million times.

And I have officially filled this article with 319 words.

P.S: Time taken to write this article – 2hrs, 20 mins


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