If you’re in Navi Mumbai, you need to try out these 4 dishes

Food is without zero hesitation is anyone’s highlight of the day. If the food is good, your day is good. Not-good food can instantly be such a downer. Whether you’re going about a regular day or enjoying a day off doing something fun, the meals are the most essential part of anyone’s day.

So, whether it’s a normal day or any occasion, if you’re in Navi Mumbai, these are the 4 dishes you ought to try.

  1. Shawarma Pizza at Falafel’s Eatery

A delicious collision of two of the world’s most popular dishes: Pizza and shawarma. If you want to enjoy both at once, then Falafel’s eatery in Vashi is the right place. Their shawarma pizza is the perfect combination of cheese, chicken, and the flavors of Lebanon and Italy. It’s definitely a dish that deserves a spot on the list of your favorite comfort foods. It’s available in both vegetarians and non-vegetarian options.

Address: Falafel‘s eatery, Palm Beach Rd, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703

Phone: 022 3965 9094

Approx cost: ₹600 for 2 people

  1. Animal burger at Fat Kid Deli

if there’s one burger in Navi Mumbai that’ll give you the meat sweats, it’s for sure the generously meaty burger: the animal burger. This burger consists of 4 meat patties (meat of choice: chicken, beef, and lamb), 4 types of cheese and the diner’s hit, bacon jam. If you want to have some fun with food, this deli has many food eating contests, from eating the spiciest of chicken wing to stuffing your face with burgers in the shortest period of time. So, if you’re mighty hearted and want to take the animal burger eating contest, well, good luck to you.

Address: Fat Kid Deli, Unit F2, First Floor, Haware Infotech Park, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Phone: 022 69993087, +91 9029393087

Approx cost: ₹1200 for two people

  1. Waffle shots at The Daily Affair Deli & Café

The next time you decide to a take trip to chocolate heaven, bestow your palate with waffle shots. With Crispy waffle cups outlined with chocolate discs and topped with molten chocolate, whipped cream and roasted almonds, The Daily Affair Deli & Café will have you high on chocolate.

Address: The Daily Affair Deli & Cafe, Royal Tulip, Sector 7, Kopar Khairane, Mumbai, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phone: 022 3365 3365

Approx cost: ₹550 for two people

  1. Mutton biryani at Zaffran

 Looking to hog one of the best rice dish ever? I’ve got two words: mutton biryani. I bet you can’t even name one hardcore non-vegetarian who doesn’t love a brilliantly made mutton biryani. And speaking of brilliantly made mutton biryani, with delicious, juicy, and tender mutton chunks laid atop a bed of aromatic and spiced rice, Zaffran dishes out one hell of a mutton biryani.

AddressZaffran, st Floor, Inorbit Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Approx cost: ₹550 for mutton biryani

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